RCTI Introduction

Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Science in Universities,

Ministry of Education, PRC

Research Center for Technological Innovation,Tsinghua University


Innovation is a powerful source of human development and of China’s prosperity. Developing new technology and innovation independently and building an innovation-oriented country have become china’s national strategy.

RCTI has been pursuing excellence in theoretical research in innovation and in facilitating decision-making at the national, sectorial, regional and firm levels. It strives to become an important think tank, information hub, and talents bank of technological innovation research in China. With the joint efforts of the government, the society, and the associates who are working in this field, RCTI will continue to improve its research capabilities and achieve its goal of becoming a first class international research institute.


The mission of RCTI is to become a forerunner of academic exploration in China’s technological innovation, a cradle fostering professionals, a platform for academic exchanges, an information gathering center, a consultative service system for critical decision-making and a hub and demonstration center for the development of innovation-related disciplines.

Strategic Aim of the 13th Five Year Plan

The center proactively engages in the exploration of new subjects brought about by the new era and achieves breakthroughs, establishes China's indigenous innovation theory and contribute to the international academia, consolidates the leading positions in China and further enhances international awareness working towards international first class research institute in innovation.