The First International Conference on Knowledge Innovation & Knowledge Management (KIKM2017)
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March 16-17, 2017 · Tsinghua University · Beijing · China


The first International Conference on Knowledge Innovation & Knowledge Management (KIKM2017)will be held in Beijing. Tsinghua University will host the event over two days in March with building China's intellectual capital, through innovation, entrepreneurship and knowledge management, as a core theme. The Local Organizing Committee is currently confirming a range of dynamic speakers and a program of social events to enhance the conference experience for all delegates.

Special speaker: Ikujiro Nonaka


Ikujiro Nonaka (野中郁次郎, born May 10, 1935) is a Japanese organizational theorist and Professor Emeritus at the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy of the Hitotsubashi University, best known for his study of knowledge management.

Nonaka has proposed the SECI (Socialization-Externalization-Combination-Internalization) model, to present the spiraling knowledge processes of interaction between explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge. In 2008, the Wall Street Journal listed him as one of the most influential persons on business thinking, and The Economist included him in its "Guide to Management Ideas and Gurus".

Call for paper

The first International Nonaka Conference aims to provide a high-end platform for interdisciplinary elite scholars to communicate on knowledge management. The program themes are focused on:

(1)     Knowledge sharingand Technology innovation:knowledge is not irrevocable and should be shared and updated to remain relevant, thus how to enhance knowledge sharing and creation? how to foster a culture that encourages the sharing of information?

(2)     Organizational knowledge management: how an organization can be designed to facilitate knowledge processes best?

(3)     Ecological knowledge management: with a focus on the interaction of people, identity, knowledge, and environmental factors as a complex adaptive system, how to build up a natural ecosystem to stimulate knowledge transfer and innovation.

(4)     Strategies of knowledge management: there are various strategies and instruments to manage knowledge, such as knowledge Sharing, cross-project learning, collaborative software technologies. How do these strategies have evolved and functioned in the 21st century?

Selected submission papers will be recommended to the International Journal of Innovation Studiesin a special issue of knowledge management. 

Conference Organizer

The first International Nonaka Conference is hosted by the Research Center for Technological Innovation (RCTI)of Tsinghua University. The RCTI has been pursuing excellence in theoretical research in innovation and in facilitating decision-making at the national, sectorial, regional and firm levels. Being the earliest specialist institute on innovation studies in China, now RCTI has been widely recognized as the premier platform across China on which world-leading scholars can share their insights on future innovation studies.



Director of the Research Center for Technological Innovation

Tsinghua University

Prof. CHEN Jin is the editor-in-chief of International Journal of Innovation Studies and International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies,the associate editor-in-chief of Engineering Management Review(EI), International Journal of Technology Marketing andInternational Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy.Besides, he is also on the editorial boards of the journals:International Journal of Technology Management(SSCI),Science: Journal of Zhejiang University (SCI),International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management,International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, Frontier of Engineering Management.

Journal publications

Three journals are jointly to call for papers for IKM2017. Selected papers can be published in these journals:

(1) Asian Journal of Technology Innovation is a SSCI indexed, multi-disciplinary journal devoted to the exploration of innovation policy and management problems posed by these players and their interaction with economic, social and political processes. The journal was created by the Korean Society for Innovation Management and Economics (KOSIME) and Asia Association of Learning, Innovation and Coevolution Studies (ASIALICS).

Asian Journal of Technology Innovation is preparing for a special issue of “platform economics”. Anyone interested in this topic are also welcome to submit your paper to IKM2017 in Tsinghua University. A workshop related to this special issue will be announced to paper submitters of the conferences soon. 

(2) Prometheus is a UK journal. It publishes papers on innovation and change more generally. It is that rarest of things, a critical academic journal, and one that goes out of its way to help and encourage authors. It is published by Taylor & Francis and is now in its 35th year.

(3) International Journal of Innovation Studies is a newly founded journal by the Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Sciences. The first issue is planned to be published in Jan 2017.


iKM conference Brochure.pdf


How to submit

No registration fee is required for the first International Nonaka Conference, however, all attendants shall pay their own cost for accommodation and travelling.

Submission of paper: any topics on innovation studies are welcome. Please submit the paper through the website of the International Journal of Innovation Studies. See guide for submission by clicking at

http://www.innovation.tsinghua.edu.cn/upload_files/file/20160718/1468808524555091470.pdf    (in step 8 select ICIS2017)


Critical deadlines:

Important Deadlines:

Submission of full papers or long abstract (about 1000 words): Jan 30, 2017.

Normal Registration/Hotel Block Deadline: Feb 15, 2017


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