The scholars from RCTI attended the 77th AOM annual meeting
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The 77th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM) was held on August 10-14, 2018 at Chicago, Illinois, USA. Prof. Chen Jin, the director of the Research Center for Technological Innovation, took part of the AOM meeting along with other researchers from RCTI. At the AOM meeting, Dr. Fei Yu’s paper “Strategic Patent Policy and Technological Leap-frogging” won the Best Paper of the Technology and Innovation Management Division. Other PhD candidates from RCTI also presented their latest research at the meeting, which includes Huang Jiang “Organizations as networks: An explore on new open innovation model” , Jia Xiao’s three papers, namely, “The double-edged sword effects of challenge stressors on creativity and the boundary conditions”, ”How Does Servant Leadership Emerge? A Stress Perspective”, “Boundary conditions of the ethical leadership and work meaningfulness relationship”and Lyu Wenjing’s two papers “Entrepreneurial capabilities in the Founding and Survival of New Ventures““Does Regional Unemployment Influence Individual Early-stage Entrepreneurial Activity?”


The Academy of Management is a professional association for scholars of management and organizations that was established in 1936. It publishes several academic journals, organizes conferences, and provides others forums for management professors and managers to communicate research and ideas.